About Us

Simone Martin started Simone Monae Style Lounge or Shop Simone Monae for Short, in July 2018 out of pure adoration for fashion and lifestyle. The goal for Shop Simone Monae is for individuals to have a destination to come and obtain products that make them feel not only luxurious but their absolute best self. Each item is picked with the modern-day chic woman in mind. From work to leisure, we have curated a collection of pieces with her quality, comfort, and style in mind. Not only should you look your best, but you should feel your best.



Meet the Owner
Simone Monae, yes, that’s really her name contrary to what people think. Since a young age she has struggled with having a love for healthcare and fashion. While in college, she went out on a limb, changed her major to Fashion Merchandising, hit the ground running and never let up on the fashion scene ever since!
Her first cooperate opportunity was with Nordstrom Inc. During her internship with the establishment, she was on track to be a regional merchandiser after her management position, but she decided she wanted more than a corporate gig.

  After leaving Nordstrom, she became the head mannequin/ visual stylist for the second largest store in the Washington D.C. area, but she knew deep down something was still missing. After ignoring a long overdue calling, Simone finally starting freelancing as a stylist with major TV networks like BET and TV One just to name a few. From there, Simone Monae started as a styling service company, which has now evolved into Simone Monae Style Lounge. Not only does she still service styling clients, but she also now has ready to wear clothing on hand. Whether it be styling a client or servicing a customer in the store, her main goal is to make you feel confident and exude your best self!